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What we do

Eco events and markets,
planning, mentoring & facilitation.

Event Pop is a Perth events agency with proven market experience and a strong reputation for working closely with and building the capacity of community groups and Town Teams across WA.
We love bringing together community events and markets, and we are passionate about being eco-friendly, fun and socially conscious.

Everything we do is about creating uplifting experiences for everyone to enjoy and participate in.


event pop
artisan markets

We are inspired by local artisans and makers, and we love supporting local art and culture... and that's why we love putting on our very own Event Pop Artisan Markets.

What we think makes an artisan market the best shopping experience is the artisans themselves, the variety of handmade items and the interesting stories behind them.

These qualities contribute to our community environment, together with our changing awareness and consideration for what we buy, where items come from, their quality, and whether products are locally made and sourced. 

EVENT POP ARTISAN MARKETS bring together a great mix of WA artisans including local makers, creators, designers, photographers, and providers of upcycled, pre-loved, vintage and bric-a-brac.

Wa's best
food trucks

We love food and we love supporting our food truck vendors who work very hard to bring amazing food to events around Perth.


As we have worked with a great number of food vendors across numerous events, and we are all about supporting our event community, we have gained a reputation with friends in the industry for connecting food vendors to events. We are always happy to refer great food vendors.

We promote food trucks offering a great range of international cuisine and desserts including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meal options for the whole family.

We love showcasing WA's unique and diverse food vendors who are passionate about high-quality produce and eco-friendly practices.

Food vendor - Soul Cantina Cocina

FundRaising Events

We are excited to be working with an amazing charity 'Hands Across the World' coordinating fundraising events here in Perth. 

Hands Across the World do wonderful work helping children in Cambodia find a better way of life through education programs.

Please check them out at

If you are looking for a worthy charity to support we have various event sponsorship opportunities available, along with volunteer roles for those who want to get involved. Or you can donate here 

We are on a MISSION to raise $25,000 in the next 12 months through fundraising events we are coordinating with their Australian team and we would absolutely love your help and support.

pLanning, mentoring & facilitation

Event Pop is a Perth events agency with proven market experience and a strong reputation for working closely with and building the capability of others.

We can help with;


  • Planning eco events and markets

  • Community engagement 

  • Grant writing and fundraising

  • Event forecasting and budgeting

  • Volunteer and crew resourcing

  • Mentoring programes and workshops

  • Event PR & social media

  • Entertainment & content

  • Sourcing great food trucks

Either whole or partially, we can help organisations bring together great events and markets. Give Event Pop a call when you need help with your next event.

We love sharing our knowledge and experience and seeing great things happen!

Outdoor Wedding Decorations

being eco...

Recognising the role we all play in contributing to a sustainable future, we have great ideas and we are always looking for ways to be eco-friendly. Our objective is to share good ideas and encourage organisers, stakeholders and participants to put these into practice. 

We plan our events to waste as little energy and water as possible as well as limit greenhouse gas emissions and general waste.

We are also proud to say that our food vendors recognise the role we play in contributing to a sustainable future, and no longer permit single-use plastic and use100% compostable packaging. With the only exception being drink items made from 100% recycled plastic.  

The key is to think eco right from the start. Make it part of your whole event strategy and you’ll find that the tools and solutions are readily available as you go along.


Preparation is key to greening your event successfully. 


Volunteering can change your life... Take it from our Event Pop Director, Tracy Frawley who started her Event Life volunteering 20 years ago.  

The benefits of becoming an Event Volunteer are not just for the event and the general community, but also for the volunteers themselves.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and meet a variety of people from all walks of life as well as understanding your personal capability and developing real skills.


Being a volunteer you have access to see behind the scenes of events, get closer to the action and play a role in making the event possible.

As a volunteer, you'll feel part of a friendly welcoming team, receive a free feed, gain event experience, make new friends and will always be sought after!  

Join us and give it a go! join us.

Trash Pick-Up
Break Dance Crew

Local talent

We all share an interest in mainstream talent, however, we tend to forget that talent lurks in our own streets. Local artists are just as inspiring and are oftentimes more relatable because of how close they are to home. With our desire to uplift the culture in Perth, supporting local talent is very important. Whether it’s music, performance, DJ's or theatre, local talent is blossoming, so let's see what Perth has to offer!  

We also love showcasing buskers at all our events and pay a retainer as well as offer a free feed.

We are always seeking expressions of interest from artists and entertainment from roving performers, carnival folk, DJ’s and comedians, kids activations to choirs and bands.  We would love you to introduce yourselves and find out what we are about.

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